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Our Mission

To help 1 Million SMEs from across the globe, to start and grow their business/professions using Digital Marketing and Technology. 

Our Story

In 2015, TechySharks was started with a vision to help SMEs grow using Digital Marketing, with profitability being the core value.

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in the field of Marketing & Technology. The entire team are proud learners and hence keep themselves up-to-date with the ever-so-frequent changes of the Digital world. 

Today, we have an experience amounting to more than 5 Crore Indian Rupees. With so much experience, we give our clients the perfect solution to their problems. 

This is a journey which has just started. TechySharks will get into newer fields of Marketing and Technology and keep helping the SMEs.

The Founder & CEO of TechySharks is Mr Nishant J. Somani. Nishant is in the Marketing and E-Commerce industry for more than 8 years. He is a Google, Facebook & Amazon Certified Marketer. 

Nishant has worked with several big brands in India like The Times of India, Reliance Jio, CBRE, Mahindra Finance, Kalpataru Developers to name a few. His practical experience in marketing and awareness of the on-ground reality is the perfect combo one could ask for. 

Every client is taken care of by Nishant personally and hence their satisfaction is a guarantee. Even if it's creating a website, Nishant will look into every aspect himself to deliver supreme quality and results. 

Along with this, Nishant is also a Coach and Trainer. He has trained more than 7000 entrepreneurs on different aspects of Digital Marketing and Technology. ​

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Experienced Leadership

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